Container transportation through Riga is more profitable

The import substitution program in Russia has changed the balance of freight flows in favor of exports and created a deficit of empty containers, which can be mitigated by the loading of goods supplied to the EEA, said A&A Logistic director Georgy Monokandilos.

“Working with the United Transport and Logistics Company (OTLK) through Riga logistics companies, the customer will win in a rate that is more profitable for Riga on average $ 245-380. Also on the payment for the delivery of empty, which reaches 2 thousand dollars for a 40-foot container, “Georgy Nikolayevich adds.

OTLK, having more than 71 thousand containers in ownership and almost 33 thousand wagons in management, offered an integrated service on the market and the ability to easily compare the various options for cargo transportation. The free container park of OTLK in Europe is created by express trains from China, which nowadays run almost daily.

Since the autumn of 2015, the most profitable route for the delivery of containers along the route Europe-Central Asia has become Riga.

Competitive advantage Riga is created not only by the policy of the Latvian railway, which is connected to the integrated service of OTLK, but also the possibilities of warehouse processing of goods both on import and export and distribution, I’m sure Georgy Monokandilos.

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